In My Eyes – volume 1

Available on Kindle or Print – Click to Purchase

Thank you for acquiring this book of letters, threaded together as words, woven into a canvas of meaning, stretched around the cloudy interpretation and perception of a mind shattered by the inherent darkness of human nature.

This is the first in a series of books containing the vast collection of poetry, prose, and insights into an inquisitive mind seeking answers to unknowable questions.

Each book will include a wide range of topics and styles, with a centralized theme. The theme of this volume is Midnight Reflections.

What does it mean?

You will be moved, confused, delighted, and frustrated by the poems in this book. This is by design, to make you consider every possible meaning, how you feel about the ideas presented, and find within yourself that thread of revelation and joy at discovering something more…

Proceeds from sales of this book go toward assisting the family of a survivor of child abuse live better lives, have hope for the future, and find light in the darkness of terrifying memories.

Midnight Reflections contains insight into the healing mind of a man who fought his way through fear, lies, and confusion to seek out hope, truth, and clarity.

The two sections of this book are Uncertainty and Enlightenment. A paradigm shift in 1998 (shortly after writing emot) took place as the author confronted his father—the perpetrator of the abuse—face to face for the first time in 12 years.

I invite you to trek with me
hrough the mind of a child,
as he grows into a man,
struggles through pain,
and fights his way
to the light.



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