In My Eyes – Volume 2

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This is my book of dark scratches burned into bleached pulp, symbols and glyphs that make sound bounce through your cranium, parading in sequence to a rhythm and a pulse, like that of a human heart, throbbing and pausing, surging and aching, skipping a beat here and murmuring there…

The second volume in a series of chapbooks containing a vast collection of poetry, prose, and insights into the meaning of hope, concern, and desire – from an inquisitive mind seeking answers to unknowable questions. Each book includes a wide range of topics and styles, with a centralized theme. The theme of this volume is Murmurings of the Heart. Or…


An elusive, haunting, and joyous thrill that can create life, bring people together, and drive them apart. Love sustains communities, informs ambition, fuels art, and can never quite be captured in words, no matter how often the bards of old and modern keep trying to do so…

These pages simmer with the broth of a lifetime wishing for true love. We always hope for perfect devotion, but must face the stern shock of apathetic taunts, impertinent teases, and damning humiliations in the shadow of darkness that defines the human ego.

To find and selflessly devote one’s entire being to another is a remarkable gamble that can either pay off in endless joy, or be dashed against the rocks – after tumbling down a bottomless ravine of unfortunate truth.

Learning to pick one’s self up, sew together all the rejection lacerations and stare down the scars of memory is an immense challenge. Some never recover, but those of us who have survived this and many other battles are made of stern stuff. Stuff that must be gifted to the world. Stuff of legend that will bring strength to the universe. Stuff that reveals utter truth, without restraint.


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