In My Eyes – Volume 4

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Beneath your gaze is a series of wild delusions and insane deep thoughts filled with hopes, dreams, nightmares, and a bit of unrelenting madness…

This is the fourth volume in a series of chapbooks containing a nearly endless collection of art, poetry, prose, and insights into the psychological ramblings of a bi-polar mind, healing itself through written word and astonishing artwork with a profuse humor and wild imagination. Each book includes a wide range of topics and styles, with a centralized theme. The theme of this volume is Neurotic Delirium.

To let go the tethers of perception and become one with entropy, unfocus your mind and feel the self drift apart from your body. Abandon concern and embrace the abyss within, without… The delirium of falling away from yourself, to find the numbness of calm, free from fear or care, allows you to see just how pitiful all the struggles of the material world actually are.


Note for Parents and Sensitive Readers: Some poems and anecdotes in this volume contain language, situations, and topics unsuitable for small children. Each has been identified in the Table of Contents as adult content. All responsibility for judging what’s appropriate for your own youngsters must be exercised by your personal preferences and parental choices.




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