In My Eyes – volume 5


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There comes a point when a victim of tragic events must vanquish the memories and regrets of never being strong enough to defend against every assailant. Confronting depression and nightmares is never a level battlefield; the war can be won with perseverance, meticulous determination, and help from trusted souls who understand panic attacks, inappropriate statements, and selfish demands.

This fifth volume of autobiographical narcissism is a dark, twisty conglomeration of gloom and redemption. There are more nightmares than ice cream in here. A juxtaposition of bad dreams, tempered only by a bit of soft-serve in a cone, brings on reconstruction of the brief moments of sanity and joy embraced with fervor in the eye of the storm of an abusive father who knew neither restraint nor censor.

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In My Eyes – Volume 4

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Beneath your gaze is a series of wild delusions and insane deep thoughts filled with hopes, dreams, nightmares, and a bit of unrelenting madness…

This is the fourth volume in a series of chapbooks containing a nearly endless collection of art, poetry, prose, and insights into the psychological ramblings of a bi-polar mind, healing itself through written word and astonishing artwork with a profuse humor and wild imagination. Each book includes a wide range of topics and styles, with a centralized theme. The theme of this volume is Neurotic Delirium. Continue reading “In My Eyes – Volume 4”